8 creative ways to put your vacant land to good use

8 creative ways to put your vacant land to good use

8 creative ways to put your vacant land to good use:

Okay, so you are planning to buy a piece of land, but not sure how to put it to use? We get it, it’s hard to look at a barren piece of land and get creative around it.

Most people can barely think beyond building a house. Even though that’s a good use of land, there’s a world of opportunities for land owners that never gets explored.

In this post, we will talk about 8 creative and unique ways you can put your land to use.

Ready? Let’s get started.

1.  Turn your plot into a campground.

If you have a beautiful plot in the suburbs, you can consider setting up a camp over weekends. Nothing better than stepping away from the hustle and bustle of the city, than glancing up at the stars with a bonfire next to you.

If you choose to, you can lend the land for camping. You can charge on a per-night basis and make some cool income out of it.

2.  Establish a dairy farm.

This is a wonderful strategy for passive income. You can either lend your land to a dairy farmer or convert it into a pasture land for cattle.

You may have to construct a shed, but the return on investment is magnificent if you plan to raise your own cattle. You would not just get fresh, unadulterated milk for your consumption, but you can sell milk and milk products for a nice profit.

3.  Set-up an obstacle course

There are many adventure junkies in the city with limited access to adventure. What if you can solve that need? Setting up an obstacle course will get a steady stream of visitors who want that adrenalin rush.

4.  Open up for tiny houses

You can build these tiny 70 square feet mobile houses or make your land available for them. A lot of folks are preferring tiny houses today, especially for a weekend getaway.

These houses are more comfortable than RVs, they are on wheels and have everything required for short-term survival.

You can rent your land to these tiny houses on a per-night basis, and make some passive income from it.

5.  Farming

This one’s tricky because farming depends on a variety of factors like type of soil, climate, season and more. But if you know what you’re doing, farming can be a great way to use vacant land.

There are a variety of crops you can grow. They can be food crops like veggies, lentils, and more; or cash crops like orchids, coffee etc.

You can also convert your farmland into a vineyard and sell the produce for a nice profit.

You can even lend it to someone who is looking for land for farming. That would not only just generate passive income for you but also get you some fresh veggies.

In future, these farmlands can be sold for high prices if they are in a fertile location.

6.  Harness Energy

A lot of people do not like to set-up solar panels on roof tops. But if you have vacant land, you can install a series of solar panels and generate energy.

You can use the energy to cut down on your electricity bills.

If you have a large enough land, you can also consider setting up wind turbines to harness energy. You can lend the land to large power companies, and generate monthly passive income.

7.  Turn your land into a dog park

Be it a city or a suburb, people own dogs. And people who own dogs, like to socialize with people who own dogs.

The canines need a fair bit of space to play, and that’s where your plot will be of great use. You can take your dog for a session of fetch or charge a fee from dog owners who use your space.

8.  Outdoor photography set

Photographers and video producers are always looking for space to shoot.

A lot of music videos require an empty space in a natural setting. In addition, open space is desired for couple photography, family shoots, and more.

You can lend the land to photography based businesses and make some passive income from it. This set-up requires no additional maintenance or investment.

Final Words

Land need not be a dead investment. There are many ways you can use it to generate a steady passive income, or to live your passion. In future, once the land rates appreciate, you can sell it off for a huge profit margin.

Initially, you just need to decide what kind of business you want to start. Next you can choose the perfect piece of land that qualifies your needs. And that’s where we can be of help.

You can contact us to share your requirements, and we will find the perfect land for you, even if it’s not listed on the market!

Happy land investing.

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