Frequently Asked Questions
How does purchasing a property from your site work?

The process is simple. You can either click on the “Buy Now/Reserve Now” button and begin the purchase. From there, we will call you to make sure we have all the necessary information to complete the transaction. Buy Now allows you to purchase the property immediately with a credit/debit card. Reserve Now allows you to take advantage of owner financing regardless of your credit. You can also call or email us to begin the process if you choose to speak with us before buying the property.

Are you a real estate agent?

Casey is a licensed agent in the state of Misouri; however, we are direct sellers of the land. We do not list land as we only sell land that we own. You will not be charged any commission or fees in this regard and we do not represent you as a buyer.

Can you keep me help me look for a specific kind of property?

In many cases we can. If you are looking for land that isn’t on our website, let us know. We are happy to discuss what you are looking for and see if we can help. Again, we won’t be representing you as an agent.

Are their any hidden fees when buying land from you?

There are never any hidden. We have the price of the land in each parcels description and any fee that is associated with that piece of land. We do charge a doc fee in most cases as shown in the “Payment Note(s)” section as well as in the “Purchase Information/Fees” section.

Why are your properties so cheap?

You’ll find land investment properties on this site are discounted around 20-50% because of our proprietary marketing systems that get in touch with landowners who need to sell their property. Often times they may want to sell because they need the money so our company can help them out by buying their raw land quickly for cash which is a win-win. Then, we pass the discount along to you.

How do I know if this is a safe way to purchase property?

Every piece of land we sell, we own. Upon purchasing the parcel, we deed the property to you. At that time, you own it outright 100%. Every parcel is current on taxes, HOA fees (if applicable), and without any liens.

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